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Our passion is enabling leaders to gain confidence, certainty, and conviction in their lives and careers. Join us in building a world where we value human experience, practice empathetic listening, trust each other, and learn with the community. Read our story.

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My parents immigrated to the US from Bangladesh and found creative ways to share their life lessons through storytelling. I loved the stories so much I decided to share them by performing Bengali plays all around the country. Through these stories I gained valuable perspective and connected with a place my parents once called home.

I lead with curiosity and empathy which empowers others to find their voice. I launched a women's peer group at Deutsche Bank and a storytelling series for Wharton MBAs. Most recently, as the Head of Knowledge at First Round Capital, I helped hundreds of entrepreneurs connect deeply, candidly share their concerns, and learn from each other. My work on creating safe spaces is featured in the First Round Review. I’m also an executive coach formerly with Reboot and a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner.

I was born in China and lived with my grandparents and my great-grandmother all under one roof. My grandparents were teachers, lifelong learners, and culture bearers of our community. We constantly had neighbors of all ages over for tea and conversation. These discussions enriched my education.

I love building communities and designing learning experiences. I was an early Product Manager and the Global Community Lead for General Assembly where I created education products for thousands of students to pursue careers they love. More recently, I was at First Round Capital where I served as CEO of Dorm Room Fund. I nurtured a community of 250+ startups, and counseled entrepreneurs on topics ranging from fundraising to management. For my leadership on Dorm Room Fund, I received the Forbes 30 under 30 award.

I am a first generation Asian American born and raised in New York City. As the oldest of my siblings and cousins, and the first to go to college, I have had to figure out important life and career decisions on my own while being mindful of the precedent I might be setting for others in the family.

After working at companies and nonprofits like Apple, Samsung, and, creating new products as part of founding teams at various incubators and startups like Betaworks, Hatch Labs, and Citizen, and serving entrepreneurs as an independent consultant and advisor - I’m excited to join The Grand to help build the type of place that I wish I had access to when I was younger: a home for a diverse community of humans to share experiences in a meaningful way and support one another on our professional and life journeys.

I’m a wife and a mom, residing in SF Bay Area. I love going to the museums with my family, hanging out with my in-laws often, and biking with my kids. Prior to joining The Grand team, I was most recently a senior designer at TED.

I was also fortunate to work with some of amazing clients; from startups to Fortune 500 over the course of 17 years in my career.

Since joining The Grand team in the early 2021, I’ve gained the joy and ambition to solve meaningful problems and make an impact with the people that I look forward to working with everyday.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I’m the third child of my parents’ immigrant love story that began when they were five years old. I’ve now lived in the mid-Atlantic for 15+ years and in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, DC, since the early 2010s. My proudest achievement is somehow convincing my wife to marry me, followed by co-raising our three young sons.

I joined The Grand in the fall of 2021 after 6+ years as a management consultant at a midsized DC-based firm, where I facilitated workshops and later led a federal government human capital initiative. I previously worked at the global nonprofit, Ashoka, where I led foundation, corporate, and partner relationships and built a robust operational infrastructure for its Empathy Initiative. And before Ashoka, I was a paralegal as well as co-founder of a social venture that consulted and facilitated experiences where participants were welcomed and celebrated—a posture we embody in our work here at The Grand.

As a first generation college graduate raised with young parents in a small town, I was instilled with the belief that access to education and the power of mentorship could unlock opportunity and transformation in people’s lives. I took every opportunity to surround myself with people infinitely smarter than me to learn from their stories and to carry them with me on the road I had set out on moving to the city and joining a startup.

I am passionate about curating learning experiences that drive outcomes and inspire action through quality instruction. Working in EdTech for five years, I started at Trilogy Education building bootcamps alongside leading universities, and I led the development and strategy of our instructional and academic operations -- turning thousands of industry experts into world class educators. Once acquired by 2U, Inc, I led the charge on creating an expanded central student support model to serve students in new ways online. I also spent four years as a mentor and program manager for GetMAGIC helping encourage young girls in STEM through project-based work.

Born in Miami as the daughter of Cuban-Greek immigrants, I witnessed early on the courage and resilience needed to go after a better life. I packed those lessons with me when I migrated to Barcelona on a solo one-way ticket. Along my journey, I took on many passion-lead jobs including small-business owner, jeweler, photographer, voice-over artist, and co-founder of an e-learning SaaS platform.

After seven years of building my career and community abroad, I took on my next adventure moving to San Francisco to open Typeform’s first US office. While in the US, I have held leadership roles in two hyper-growth tech startups where I built and operationalized teams from scratch.

As an alumni of the original cohort of The Grand Quest, I benefited from its community and curriculum when pivoting my career (yet again) and transitioning to a working mamá bear.

I've always been passionate about understanding people and their stories, and supporting them to navigate life’s challenges as they arise. It was this desire to help people that drove me to attend law school. After becoming a lawyer, I had a bit of an existential crisis: I didn’t want to practice law anymore.

Through supportive mentors and friends, I was able to pivot to a career in peacemaking, I found my dream job as Senior Facilitator and Deputy Director at the national nonprofit organization, Resetting the Table. I lead communications trainings, facilitate dialogue about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and manage a large team of facilitators.

I’m so excited to bring my passion for facilitation to The Grand. So much growth is possible when we are willing to devote time to showing up for ourselves and others. The Grand Quest provides just the right balance of open space and structure to do that. I look forward supporting you in your journey and to learning from each of you.

I grew up in Northern New Jersey and at the young age of 1, I was in my first play. For as long as I can remember music, theatre, and public speaking were a part of my life. My mother is a CPA and I inherited her love of numbers, logic and systematic thinking. And to this day, whether it’s art or science I love finding and telling stories about what I am doing.

I started my career in construction management and due to the financial crisis, I was thrust into my first career pivot. That experience taught me a lot about how to navigate career transitions and how to leverage use my storytelling to build trust and rapport quickly. Relationship style management has been core to my success as I have built and scaled products and teams for many tech organizations including NextRoll Inc., Factual (Foursquare), Verizon and PayPal. After completing the first Grand Quest cohort, I joined the team as a coach to help other people navigate their own quest.

My favorite thing in the entire world is helping people, connecting them with people or resources to assist them on their journey.

In my work in venture capital, I focus on strengthening our community of portfolio founders and providing them with the resources they need to scale their startups. Most importantly, I try to find as many ways as possible to connect with each other.

There’s unparalleled magic that comes from receiving support from people in the trenches with you. I experienced it first-hand when I participated in the Grand Quest in the summer of 2020.

As a coach, I love watching that magic recur each session and using my passion for connections to guide participants as they become more confident in their skills and potential.

I was born in Beijing, grew up in Texas, and have spent much of my life navigating questions of identity and belonging. I love creating experiences and communities that help people feel understood, less alone, and inspired to step into a fuller expression of self.

My own (ongoing) journey to live a life more aligned with my values has led me through the worlds of finance, technology, where I managed the search team at Pinterest, and now human potential.

In my work as a leadership coach, group coach, and coach trainer, I’m guided by my passion for helping others illuminate and touch what truly matters to them. I’m honored to be a coach for the Becoming an Effective Manager Quest.

Born and raised in Texas, I value hospitality and kindness. Everyone is my friend and so are you. In 2011, I moved  to Los Angeles and have made a home here in the city. I am also a video-gamer, lover of food and an amateur botanist.

I’ve tried a few different career paths, from being an engineer at Dow Chemical to project management with Accenture. Eventually I went to UCLA Health, where I led initiatives for new software design. But I was still missing something, so I quit to study bodywork and how the body heals. Now I have a private practice to help people address chronic pain. I became a coach to guide people through their career. After going through my transition alone, my wish is to support anyone that needs help.  

My coaching philosophy is based on your inherent wisdom, and bringing that wisdom to the surface. If growth is on your radar, then I’ll see you in the next Quest.

I've always been a romantic, creative, and intensely curious person. As an immigrant, I wanted more than anything to "fit in" and "make it" in the United States. Through The Grand Quest, I got back to my roots and started exploring what an authentic life looks like. I'm still on that journey!

I've spent the last decade working in technology as a marketing and product management leader at Microsoft, Dropbox, and Oscar Health. I'm now a leadership coach and facilitator, partnering with incredible leaders who want to achieve big things without forgetting what matters.

I live in New York City with my partner and two pups (Dug and Remy), and we're slowly but surely building a new home in the woods. I love swing dance, jazz, art & architecture, enabling romance, and learning just about anything.

I was born and raised in Miami, and was the first person in my family to attend college. As a result, I had little guidance navigating difficult professional decisions. In 2010, after practicing law in Miami and New York, I left my legal career and launched my first business—an organic juice company. My life became wildly unbalanced and I lost sight of my values. Unsurprisingly, I made costly mistakes.

My journey with The Grand began in 2019, as a participant in its first Career Transition program. After the program, Anita and Rei invited me to become a coach. Serving fellow Questers is the most meaningful work I have ever done. Whether we are navigating your career transition or discovering your management style, we will work together to bring into the light the grandest version of yourself.