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We’re glad you’re here. We believe learning and development should be grounded in human experience, empathetic listening, trust, and learning within a community

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Applications close OCTOBER 13, 2021

Becoming an Effective Manager

This Quest is for new managers and emerging leaders who are running either in-person or remote teams.

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The Grand Council

The Grand Council is your personal advisory board, helping you navigate career and life decisions from everyday challenges to critical milestones.

Applications close December 22, 2021

Becoming an Effective Manager

This Grand Quest helps you gain the knowledge and skills to level up as a leader, build strong culture, and effectively manage your teams.

Everyone deserves a coach

Alexis Ohanian shares his thoughts on coaching in this video.
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We’re in good company

Trusted by employees from organizations big and small

The Grand has created a space for me to share my journey to leadership with honesty and vulnerability. I have deeply connected with a group of peers who cheer me on and coach me through day-to-day challenges as we all learn how to be better leaders together.

Let’s be honest - managing and leading teams can be feel daunting at many points. The Grand provided a support system of thoughtful colleagues who became great sounding boards and the tools to help me grow as a manager. No matter where you are in your management experience or journey, this is a fantastic program to continue building those skills.

The Grand led to some of the most enriching conversations I’ve had in recent memory. It's the ideal program for those looking to join a community of awesome human beings and work with more intention, perspective, and joy.

Through The Grand, I was able to prioritize between my values, desires, and ambitions. The community provided a unique combination of wisdom and support. I'm grateful to The Grand for creating a space for us to challenge each other, and to achieve our greatest personal and professional lives.

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