Coaching is a team sport

Discover the transformative power of group coaching with The Grand.
The Grand offers your team a platform and community to flourish through moments of transition.
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"My confidence in my ability to lead a team is a direct outcome of the coaching I have received from The Grand."

Sari Azout
Founder at Startupy

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Every team needs a coach

Just like top athletes, leaders perform best when they’ve had time to review and reflect. The Grand creates consistent opportunities for self-reflection and critical thinking, leading leaders to greater clarity, purpose, and growth.

"Over the 18 months that I've been a member, The Grand has absolutely up-leveled my emotional intelligence across my career and life. I never fail to make time for The Grand’s bi-weekly sessions; by creating space for me to learn and apply coaching practices, they've shaped my ability to lead."

Chester Lau
Business Operations Lead at Spotify

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Curated Group

We curate groups of 6-8 individuals in a similar role.
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Expert Coaches

Each group is expertly facilitated by a professional coach who has worked with top founders and executives.
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Real-World Applicability

The best learning is applicable, targeted, engaging, and driven by interpersonal relationships.

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Tangible Growth

Track, reflect and document your learnings and progress.

The Grand supports your teams through inflection points

You’re growing fast and just hired 12 new managers to help scale up.

Through our Leadership Council and sessions like Becoming An Effective Leader, The Grand helps first-time and experienced managers alike find their leadership style, coach up effectively, and deliver feedback compassionately in high-growth settings.

Tracy Chou
CEO at Block Party
"I feel so much resonance and solidarity with my Grand Council group. I’m grateful to have a space where I can be vulnerable and talk about the ups and downs of being a founder with other people who truly get it."

You just got acquired and need to maintain morale while transitioning to a whole new set of processes.

With bespoke group coaching sessions like Clarity Council, The Grand offers a safe space for employees to troubleshoot current challenges, experience empathetic listening, and gain immediate support from others facing similar transitions.

Alice Ching
Engineering Manager, Figma
“I have deeply connected with a group of peers, who cheer me on and coach me through day-to-day challenges as we all learn how to be better leaders together.”

You want to empower your team to win the day-to-day challenges.

In sessions focused on navigating uncertainty and breaking free from limiting beliefs, The Grand unlocks your leaders’ and team members’ growth mindsets.

Alex Lee
Head of Enterprise Account Executive Sales at Instrumental
“I feel more aware of myself and my team’s needs and preferences, and I know everything I’ve learned through The Grand will continue to help me grow as a leader.”

Chris Parish
Director of Territory Sales
at Autodesk

Leadership Council

In this cohort, you'll gain the knowledge and skills to level up as a leader, build strong culture, and effectively manage your teams.