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We’re glad you’re here. We believe everyone deserves a coach and a group of peers, to tackle big decisions together.

I would have made so many better decisions in my career had I worked with a coach sooner.

Had something like The Grand Council existed, I wouldn’t have just had access to a coach, but also a group. You’re working with multiple people, 6 to 8 of your peers, who are able to give you diverse perspectives and opinions in addition to ongoing coaching. It’s pretty special. It’s something I’m excited about because I believe we’re going to have more effective and happier workforces if people are doing this kind of professional development regularly, as early as possible, in their careers.

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The Grand is helping Notion create many strong leaders

"I had heard great things about The Grand from so many folks at Notion, I had to see it for myself. I went to the Manager as Coach session, and the frameworks they shared have really helped me think more creatively about solutions to big challenges. The Grand is helping us create many strong new leaders — I'm grateful for them!"

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"The Grand is a truly unique learning experience that reinforces you as a manager, instilling you with the wisdom and confidence you need to navigate the tough challenges of everyday leadership."

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