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Gain greater confidence as a leader

At The Grand, we help you hone your leadership skills and gain collective confidence with our systematic approach to group coaching. Our Spring 2023 Grand Council cohorts are launching soon.

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Introducing The Grand Council

Live group coaching to drive clarity in your decision-making process.
Each member agrees to keep your group's discussions confidential.
Gain confidence in your personal and professional decisions.
All groups are 8 or less to drive clarity in line with your goals and values.

Becoming an Effective Manager

The Grand’s next Becoming an Effective Manager cohort starts in June 2023. Apply now to be considered.

Leadership today requires managing and motivating teams while navigating transitions. Our coaching track, Becoming an Effective Manager, builds a mindset that elevates performance for the next decade. Focused on holistic leadership, mindfulness, and supported by The Grand, it goes beyond skill-building.

Trusted by employees from organizations big and small

Your personal sounding board

No matter what life brings, The Grand Council helps you navigate your toughest personal and professional challenges.

Each session is designed to include intentional listening and mindful questions, so you can gain more clarity beyond your own thought process.

Best of all, your group is hand-curated, aligning you with up to 8 participants and a world-class coach, who will challenge and inspire you along the way.

“I always thought coaching was one of those things other people do, but not me. The Grand Council changed that belief. It struck a really unique balance between personal accountability and communal empathy. I definitely feel more settled personally and professionally now than when I started.

Nathan Cohen
Senior Director of People & Product at Endeavor

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