Seisei Tatebe-Goddu

As a child of two cultures and having lived in 9 countries, I grew up navigating the world and looking at it through varied lenses.

At home, that meant speaking Japanese with my mother, English with my father, and picking up German along the way, because it was my parents’ common language. When I was 4, my mother, a concert pianist, would quiz me in the car as we listened to complex symphonies. "What instrument is that?" she'd ask. "What about that one?" This linguistic and musical upbringing lent itself well to starting my career as a mediator, where success is rooted in deep listening - not just to what is being said, but also to what is not being said. Not just the notes being played but also the silences in between.

My professional life has gone through several evolutions, including founding my own consulting company, stints in politics and marketing, and becoming part of the Dreamers & Doers collective where I’ve had exposure to other entrepreneurs hustling towards their ambitions. I had the joy of teaching graduate students for five years about sustainability and how to tackle complex global issues. I enjoy helping people see things differently but also tapping into their inner, unspoken wisdom as they work towards their goals. We’re all constantly navigating change, and as a coach with The Grand, I want to be there to support you through that!

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