Leadership Council

Gain the knowledge and skills to level up as a leader, build strong culture, and effectively manage your teams. Discover and define the right management and communication style.

Designed for new managers and emerging leaders who are running in-person or remote teams and want to focus on their wellbeing personally and professionally.

Includes a live coaching program led by experienced coaches, and a Member Learning Library for on-demand access to guides, best practices and frameworks that you can apply immediately.

Registration deadline
September 15, 2023
Program begins
end of September
*scholarship available if price is prohibitive

Overview & Objectives

Limiting Beliefs
We'll cover what effective managers do differently. Participants will define their management goals and shift the limiting beliefs that hold back their best leadership.
Making Feedback Less Painful & More Meaningful
This session tackles management's biggest challenge: feedback. Participants learn to give and receive both positive and negative feedback with ease using provided frameworks
Uncovering Your Blindspots & The Art of Influence
Learn the secret to influencing across levels and eliminate communication blind spots in management. This session includes a personalized DISC assessment for impactful influence.
Coaching Fundamentals
Most managers think they need all answers, but they don't. Learn coaching, an underutilized skill that empowers teams with empathetic listening and honest questioning.
Delegating & Adapting Your Management Style
Managers often under-delegate despite their workload. This session teaches Task Relevant Maturity and Situational Management frameworks for effective delegation based on individuals' abilities.
Creating Psychological Safety & Healthy Conflict
Conflict is crucial for problem-solving, but its expression varies. Learn four symptoms of toxic conflict and ways to establish psychological safety and healthy conflict for productive teams.

Today’s leaders are expected to balance more than ever, including managing and motivating a team.

Our leadership coaching trackgoes beyond skills and creates a mindset to elevate performance and succeed in the next decade. Focusing on leadership, mindfulness, and transitions, members receive The Grand's support for a holistic approach to management training.