Your Values Hierarchy

September 6, 2023

Seeing our values in this way can help us make decisions and set goals accordingly.

This post is an excerpt from our "Rank Your Values" exercise, available to members in our Transitions Council.

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At The Grand, we define values as: the deeply held beliefs that authentically describe your soul.

In this exercise, we take our values and rank them in a hierarchy shelf to help us see how we want to prioritize these values. Seeing our values in this way can help us make decisions and set goals accordingly.

Think about your top values.

Here are the shelves for your hierarchy that you will rank each value statement to:

Non-Negotiable Bowl

Choose 1 value or statement to put in the non-negotiable bowl. The non-negotiable bowl are for things that are the most important to you, and you do not want to pass it up. It's something that you want to guarantee for yourself no matter what going on in your life.

Top Shelf

Now choose 1-2 values to put on the top shelf. These are the things you want to work really hard to achieve, it will give you a sense of joy and satisfaction. You can use these values to drive your career choices, so be selective.

Middle Shelf

Now let's focus on the Middle shelf – These are good things you don't want to forget about, they are important qualities, but not as important as the shelves above it. These are things you want to avoid failing but may not be crucial to have on a regular basis.

Bottom Shelf

Now let's fill in the Bottom shelf – These are things to keep in mind, nice to have but not must-haves.

Trash Can

Finally, let's fill in the Trash can – these are the things that bring you negative energy or low engagement. You want to avoid and are actively choosing to reject or deny these things. Write these down on a post-it note, piece of paper, or directly in the trash can.

Take a moment to reflect on your hierarchy — how are you feeling about the priority of your values?

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