The Grand Guiding Principles

August 9, 2023

These are the principles that we hold ourselves to as a community.

Now that you understand why we’ve designed The Grand platform the way we did, we’d like to introduce you to to our guiding principles.

These are the principles that we hold ourselves to as a coaching community and that we share with our participants in order for them to know how The Grand expects them to communicate, show up, and engage throughout their experience.

We come together as humans.

We don't care about titles and roles. We care about who you are and what you value. Share your story, to allow others to make meaning from it.

We believe vulnerability is a superpower.

There is strength and resilience in vulnerability. We honor that and encourage it. The more open and vulnerable you are, the more you're going to get from this experience and this is a safe space to open up with your community, in a way you may never have before. On the flip-side confidentiality is key. Please keep anything discussed confidential. You can apply it, but don't attribute it.

We listen wholeheartedly.

That's the greatest gift that you can give someone. We ask open questions and focus on deep listening, without judgment or interpretation, so each of us may feel seen and heard. Please also be mindful of the power of silence, and create space for others to contribute.

We actively welcome each other to the community.

There is always an invitation to join the conversation – we all take on the role of welcoming each other and initiating connections as our full selves. At the same time, we never want to feel invasive. We should never feel pressured to participate.

We show up for ourselves and for each other.

Many of us have chaotic schedules and lives, but sessions are a space for us to really invest in ourselves and each other outside of that. When we see our next session on the calendar, we make it a priority to be present in our groups and do not sacrifice our time together.

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