Transitions Council

Explore what's next for you with thoughtful intention.
Develop the clarity & confidence you need for the personal & professional decisions you're facing at your current inflection point.
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Overview & Objectives

Coaching Fundamentals
Most ambitious people think they need all the answers, but they don't. Learn coaching, an underutilized skill that empowers you with empathetic listening and honest questioning.
Future Self Visualization
Zoom out and take a more holistic, long-term perspective on your life and what matters to you. Quiet your analytical mind and tap into your creative brain to access your internal resources and inner wisdom.
Odyssey Plans
The culmination of this Council: after understanding all the true, coherent, and interesting versions of yourself, we invite you to imagine multiple ways you could launch your next chapter and to sketch out those plans.
Six Lives
Success is not one-size-fits-all, and measured by a lot of factors. Clarify how you personally measure and define success for yourself through deep inquiry into six different lives and the success they represent.

See an except from this exercise here.
Zone of Genius
Reflect on the life experiences that filled you up and led to your proudest accomplishments. Discover the genius at the center of all these different jobs, relationships, and projects.

See an excerpt from this exercise here.
Values & Values Hierarchy
Our values serve as a compass telling us when we might be going in a right or wrong direction. They inform our decision-making and future planning. In this session, you will identify and rank your values.

See an excerpt from this exercise here.

Everyone's journey is unique

Chart the career & life path that feels true to your multi-dimensional self.
Surround yourself with community.
Stop spinning alone in your head and connect with supportive peers at similar crossroads.
Discover new answers to old questions.
Uncover your blindspots and get objective reflections from coaches and peers who witness your vulnerable, authentic self over time.
Craft your next chapter.
Take full advantage of this opportunity to pause and reflect. Clarify and sharpen your story & values and take your next steps with thoughtfulness.

Justin Schafer
Product at Tribe AI

"A big part of my self actualization process came after thinking through things intentionally in a certain sequence with The Grand. The Grand helped me to see myself both from my own internal perspective and as others see me, and to have a more balanced and authentic view of not just who I am, but who I can become. In one session, we mapped out three potential lives we could live. I’m doing all of them now."

Ali Ogston
Former Director of Design, Zoolife and Founder of BonTemps  & JuniperCreates

"This process is not obvious. It's not just: “Oh, I got the job.” It's: ”How can we see successes that Ali has had outside of this big goal of getting a job? We've seen so many other successes.” There's something important in that witnessing—the genuine relationships and the real support. I couldn't get that with my own friends, even though my friends are fantastic. At The Grand, we come and bring the best and most vulnerable versions of ourselves every time. I'm so happy for that."

Includes a live coaching program led by experienced coaches, and a Member Learning Library for on-demand access to guides, best practices and frameworks that you can apply immediately.

Registration deadline
September 15, 2023
Program begins
end of September
*scholarship available if price is prohibitive

Get it, together.

Figure out your work life.
Figure out your life’s work.
Figure out your life.

You are in a funky space of your life: at a tipping point with big change on the horizon or on a trajectory you're not entirely sure you chose or really wanted.

Transitions Council ensures that you make space to pause, connect, reflect, and be intentional about what you're doing and where you're going on the other side.

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Today’s leaders are expected to balance more than ever, including managing and motivating a team.

Our leadership coaching trackgoes beyond skills and creates a mindset to elevate performance and succeed in the next decade. Focusing on leadership, mindfulness, and transitions, members receive The Grand's support for a holistic approach to management training.