The Grand Sessions


The Grand Sessions are a series of forums for lifelong learners to explore real-life topics. These sessions enable you to gain perspective from someone who’s walked your path before, and build relationships with a group of peers who are exploring similar topics. It's a third place for you to have enriching conversations, without reservation.


Each session is led by a Grand Guide — practitioners with decades of life experience. Your Grand Guide will lead your group through a facilitated discussion, share their relevant perspective, and enable you and your peers to gain a deeper understanding of the subjects that matter most to you. Together, you’ll explore the topics that were never covered in school, like relationships, family, marriage, success, happiness, retirement, growing older, and more.

Why might you want to discuss these topics with a group of people you don’t know?

There are some matters where it’s more difficult to be fully candid with your colleagues, partner, or family. Their perspective is inherently biased based on their existing relationship with you. So when it comes to questions like “Should I freeze my eggs?” or “How do I repair my relationship with my parents?”, a third place is critical. The Grand gives you a third place for learning and discussion — one that’s safe and free of judgment, where you can be your full self and have a community by your side.

Who is this for?

If you identify as a lifelong learner and value personal growth and development, The Grand is the community for you. It may be particularly helpful to join a Grand Session when you're going through a transition like moving to a new city, switching careers, or changing roles. It may also be highly relevant when you're navigating a big life decision such as figuring out when to start a family or how to retire.

Interested in being a Grand Guide?

Grand Guides serve as session facilitators and have decades of life experience, wisdom, and perspective to share. If you’re interested in being a Grand Guide please send us a note.