Meet your Grand Council

The Grand Council is your personal sounding board, helping you navigate career and life decisions from everyday challenges to critical milestones.

The Grand Council is group coaching with a curated peer group. We call it group coaching because:

Coaching helps get you from where you are to where you want to go.

A group helps keep you accountable in achieving your goals.

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Your Grand Council will consist of an experienced coach and 5-8 peers.

Coach, and be coached

Coaching is an important life skill. The Grand Council gives you a place to not only be coached but also to develop your coaching skills and drive forth the progress you want to see.

Design your Grand plan and master making decisions aligned with your goals and values.

Learn coaching frameworks to enable yourself and your group to reach their goals.

Become more confident and develop deep relationships with a trusted group of peers.

Accelerate your personal development

Joining The Grand ultimately changed the trajectory of my life because it helped me cultivate a rich inner world through the exploration of my values, strengths, and limiting beliefs. It helped me have the courage to dream bigger. People don’t put enough emphasis on how important community, mentorship, mental fortitude, and positive psychology are in being a full human. The Grand is an incubator for people to accelerate their personal development.

Get it, together

The Grand Council meets every 2 weeks for 90 min live sessions. During each live session, your coach will lead you and your council through a series of exercises.

The Grand Council is designed to be an ongoing program. Meeting consistently with your council is key to achieving your goals which is why we ask you to go steady with us for at least 3 months when joining The Grand Council.

Trusted coaches

Born in Miami as the daughter of Cuban-Greek immigrants, I witnessed early on the courage and resilience needed to go after a better life. I packed those lessons with me when I migrated to Barcelona on a solo one-way ticket. Along my journey, I took on many passion-lead jobs including small-business owner, jeweler, photographer, voice-over artist, and co-founder of an e-learning SaaS platform.

After seven years of building my career and community abroad, I took on my next adventure moving to San Francisco to open Typeform’s first US office. While in the US, I have held leadership roles in two hyper-growth tech startups where I built and operationalized teams from scratch.

As an alumni of the original cohort of The Grand Quest, I benefited from its community and curriculum when pivoting my career (yet again) and transitioning to a working mamá bear.

I grew up in Northern New Jersey and at the young age of 1, I was in my first play. For as long as I can remember music, theatre, and public speaking were a part of my life. My mother is a CPA and I inherited her love of numbers, logic and systematic thinking. And to this day, whether it’s art or science I love finding and telling stories about what I am doing.

I started my career in construction management and due to the financial crisis, I was thrust into my first career pivot. That experience taught me a lot about how to navigate career transitions and how to leverage use my storytelling to build trust and rapport quickly. Relationship style management has been core to my success as I have built and scaled products and teams for many tech organizations including NextRoll Inc., Factual (Foursquare), Verizon and PayPal. After completing the first Grand Quest cohort, I joined the team as a coach to help other people navigate their own quest.

My favorite thing in the entire world is helping people, connecting them with people or resources to assist them on their journey.

In my work in venture capital, I focus on strengthening our community of portfolio founders and providing them with the resources they need to scale their startups. Most importantly, I try to find as many ways as possible to connect with each other.

There’s unparalleled magic that comes from receiving support from people in the trenches with you. I experienced it first-hand when I participated in the Grand Quest in the summer of 2020.

As a coach, I love watching that magic recur each session and using my passion for connections to guide participants as they become more confident in their skills and potential.

I was born and raised in Miami, and was the first person in my family to attend college. As a result, I had little guidance navigating difficult professional decisions. In 2010, after practicing law in Miami and New York, I left my legal career and launched my first business—an organic juice company. My life became wildly unbalanced and I lost sight of my values. Unsurprisingly, I made costly mistakes.

My journey with The Grand began in 2019, as a participant in its first Career Transition program. After the program, Anita and Rei invited me to become a coach. Serving fellow Questers is the most meaningful work I have ever done. Whether we are navigating your career transition or discovering your management style, we will work together to bring into the light the grandest version of yourself.

I was born in Beijing, grew up in Texas, and have spent much of my life navigating questions of identity and belonging. I love creating experiences and communities that help people feel understood, less alone, and inspired to step into a fuller expression of self.

My own (ongoing) journey to live a life more aligned with my values has led me through the worlds of finance, technology, where I managed the search team at Pinterest, and now human potential.

In my work as a leadership coach, group coach, and coach trainer, I’m guided by my passion for helping others illuminate and touch what truly matters to them. I’m honored to be a coach for the Becoming an Effective Manager Quest.

Born and raised in Texas, I value hospitality and kindness. Everyone is my friend and so are you. In 2011, I moved  to Los Angeles and have made a home here in the city. I am also a video-gamer, lover of food and an amateur botanist.

I’ve tried a few different career paths, from being an engineer at Dow Chemical to project management with Accenture. Eventually I went to UCLA Health, where I led initiatives for new software design. But I was still missing something, so I quit to study bodywork and how the body heals. Now I have a private practice to help people address chronic pain. I became a coach to guide people through their career. After going through my transition alone, my wish is to support anyone that needs help.  

My coaching philosophy is based on your inherent wisdom, and bringing that wisdom to the surface. If growth is on your radar, then I’ll see you in the next Quest.

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What is The Grand Council?

The Grand Council is a group coaching program to help you navigate career and life decisions. Once you get started, your Grand Council is ongoing, meeting every 2 weeks for 90 minute live sessions over Zoom.


Who will be in my Grand Council?

Your Grand Council will consist of an experienced coach and 5-8 peers. All coaches are trained by The Grand. Everyone in your group is vetted and curated for you by The Grand team. We honor trust and uphold confidentiality.


How do I know The Grand Council is right for me?

Coaching is about moving forward and making progress. We believe everyone deserves access to a coach, as long as you have a picture of where you'd like to be, are open to receiving support from your coach, and are excited to participate in a peer group, then The Grand Council is right for you.