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The Grand Quest is an immersive group coaching experience that creates the foundation for vulnerability and trust. Each program is focused on a specific transition and group coaching cohorts begin throughout the year.

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The experience

Facilitated group coaching

Each 8-10 person group meets virtually every two weeks for two hours sessions over the course of three months. The initial 3-month period focuses on the skills and knowledge needed to navigate a shared transition.

Curriculum designed for each Quest

Coaches guide each group through a series of exercises, activities, and frameworks designed to help each participant get hands-on experience to gain knowledge, skills, and confidence.

A community of people who get it

The Grand creates a safe space to build trust as a cohort and a broader community. That includes office hours, coffee chats, events, and opportunities to create meaningful connections.

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Applications close December 15, 2021

Becoming an Effective Manager

This Grand Quest helps you gain the knowledge and skills to level up as a leader, build strong culture, and effectively manage your teams.

Applications close January 26, 2022

Thriving in a New Role

Learn how to succeed in a new context. Explore new frameworks, acquire tools, and get the support to do your best.

Making a Career Transition

Learn how defining personal strengths and values within a supportive community can help gain the clarity, confidence, and tools to consider a new industry, new role, or new company.

Designed for: Professionals starting the job exploration process

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Returning to Work After Becoming a Parent

Re-starting work after a parental leave feels less lonely when you have a community of fellow parents to lean on. Get a better understanding of what to expect back at work, define personal and family values, and outline guardrails to create a system for success at work and as a new parent.

Designed for: First-time parents. Moms and dads welcome

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Managing Remote Teams

As many of us transitioned into a remote work environment last year, we learned firsthand how challenging it can be to maintain and build a strong team culture. This Quest will provide the framework, tools, and support to help teams not only survive but thrive in this new normal.

Designed for: Leaders managing remote and hybrid teams

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Transitioning from School to Work

Gain confidence as you start a career, set the foundations for success, and start to build a professional network. Learn how to better define and understand work styles, effectively manage work relationships, and begin to map out an overall career direction.

Designed for: Anyone 0-24 months into their first job

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If none of these topics are top of mind for you right now, please submit one that is. At The Grand, we build with our community, so we'd love to hear from you and what transitions we can help support.

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Companies can enroll individuals or groups of employees in The Grand. People are also welcome to apply directly and The Grand can help you receive company sponsorship.

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The Grand demystifies what great management looks like and shows the path for anyone who strives to be a great manager. Definitely recommend it!

A truly unique learning experience that reinforces you as a manager, instilling you with the wisdom and confidence you need to navigate the tough challenges of everyday leadership.