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Level up as a leader, no matter what your title is.
Develop the clarity & confidence you need to succeed in the long run of your personal & professional life.
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Includes a live coaching program led by experienced coaches, and a Member Learning Library for on-demand access to guides, best practices and frameworks that you can apply immediately.

Registration deadline
September 15, 2023
Program begins
end of September
*scholarship available if price is prohibitive

Overview & Objectives

Coaching Fundamentals
Most leaders think they need all the answers, but they don't. Learn coaching, an underutilized skill that empowers teams with empathetic listening and honest questioning.
Limiting Beliefs
We'll cover what effective leaders do differently from the average leader. Define your leadership goals and shift the limiting beliefs that hold back your best performance.
Making Feedback Less Painful & More Meaningful
Tackle one of the biggest leadership challenges: feedback. Learn to give and receive both positive and negative feedback with ease.
Uncovering Your Blindspots & The Art of Influence
We'll uncover the secret to influencing across levels and eliminate communication blind spots. This session includes a personalized DISC assessment.

See an excerpt of this exercise here.
Delegating & Adapting Your Management Style
Leaders tend to burn out because they under-delegate despite a heavy workload. Learn two key frameworks for effective delegation: Task Relevant Maturity and Situational Management.

See an excerpt of this exercise here.
Creating Psychological Safety & Healthy Conflict
Conflict is crucial for problem-solving, but is difficult to manage healthily. Learn four symptoms of toxic conflict and ways to establish psychological safety and healthy conflict for productive teams.

See an excerpt of this exercise here.

Everyone is a leader

Show up for the people around you as your best self.
Effectively manage your workplace relationships.
Discover and tailor your personal leadership style authentically to every situation and stakeholder—up, down, and across your organization.
Get out of your head and into community.
Work through your personal and professional challenges with coaches and peers who witness your true, full self and can give objective feedback.
Invest in yourself.
Commit to a consistent space and hold yourself accountable for practicing the critical skills and mindset you need to build over time.

Rachel Bonsignore
Vice President at Gfk Consumer Life

"The Grand has been really, really valuable for reflecting on how I manage people on my team. Talking those things out and getting other people's perspectives has been so helpful. Even if we don't directly manage someone, we all have points of view on that. I’ve been able to figure out new ways to approach conversations with different people."

Dan Goldman
Founder, formerly Director at Motive

"I was working for a late stage startup and things were changing quite often. I thought it'd be helpful to have the regular time and space to take a step back and make sure that I was on the right path for what I cared about and where I wanted to be. Because I knew my work schedule was so crazy, I ultimately chose The Grand because I knew I had to commit and it would be something I'd actually follow through on."

Diego Tiziani
Senior Program Manager at TikTok

I joined The Grand four months after I started a new role. I needed clarity on where I wanted to progress in my career, but I was also facing different working relationships with some external stakeholders. I needed to learn frameworks to apply in these situations, and I needed to develop patience. Through the exercises, questions, and conversations that I had at The Grand, I succeeded.

Leadership can feel lonely

Regardless of your role or title, leadership can feel isolating and thankless — get the support you need from people who get it.

Between managing and motivating your team, achieving strategic business goals, and maintaining a personal life—today's leaders are expected to balance more than ever.

Leadership Council ensures that you make space to pause, connect, reflect, and be intentional about how you show up for your people.

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