Working through some important decisions?

At The Grand, we help provide clarity on the decisions most important to you.

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Trusted by employees from organizations big and small

The Grand puts me together in a community of like-minded individuals, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and employees of major companies.

Every time I get together with my group, I walk away better than when I came. The Grand has given me tools to help me bring out the best version of myself. I couldn't recommend The Grand more."

Introducing The Grand Council

Live group coaching to drive clarity in your decision-making process.

Each member agrees to keep your group's discussions confidential.

Gain confidence in your personal and professional decisions.

All groups are 8 or less to drive clarity in line with your goals and values.

Your personal sounding board

No matter what life brings, The Grand Council helps you navigate your toughest personal and professional challenges.

Each session is designed to include intentional listening and mindful questions, so you can gain more clarity beyond your own thought process.

Best of all, your group is hand-curated, aligning you with up to 8 participants and a world-class coach, who will challenge and inspire you along the way.

Better decisions, simplified.

Discover how group coaching can help you unlock and realize your highest potential.

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I always thought coaching was one of those things other people do, but not me.

The Grand Council changed that belief. It struck a really unique balance between personal accountability and communal empathy — all of which helped me get out of my own head and sort out some big career questions. I definitely feel more settled personally and professionally now than when I started.

Our journey to The Grand Council

Hear from our founders, Anita and Rei, on how they arrived at The Grand Council.

To go far, go together

The Grand Council meets every 2 weeks for 90 min live sessions. During each live session, your coach will lead you and your group through a series of exercises.

The Grand Council is designed to be an ongoing program. Meeting consistently with your Council is key to achieving your goals which is why we ask you to go steady with us for at least 3 months.

Joining The Grand ultimately changed the trajectory of my life.

It helped me cultivate a rich inner world through the exploration of my values, strengths, and limiting beliefs. It gave me the courage to dream bigger. People don’t put enough emphasis on how important community, mentorship, mental fortitude, and positive psychology are in being a full human. The Grand is an incubator for you to accelerate your personal development.

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What is The Grand Council?

The Grand Council is a group coaching program to help you navigate career and life decisions. Once you get started, your Grand Council is ongoing, meeting every 2 weeks for 90 minute live sessions over Zoom.


Who will be in my Grand Council?

Your Grand Council will consist of an experienced coach and 5-8 peers. All coaches are trained by The Grand. Everyone in your group is vetted and curated for you by The Grand team. We honor trust and uphold confidentiality.


How do I know The Grand Council is right for me?

Coaching is about moving forward and making progress. We believe everyone deserves access to a coach, as long as you have a picture of where you'd like to be, are open to receiving support from your coach, and are excited to participate in a peer group, then The Grand Council is right for you.


What happens in the Grand Council?

During The Grand Council, you'll learn to coach others by regularly practicing coaching best practices and frameworks. You'll also be coached by your coach and peers as you work on defining your goals and making decisions aligned with your values.