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Wednesday, March 13, 2024
10am - 11am PT / 1pm - 2pm ET

March Clarity Council: Prioritization and Delegation

Rodrigo Lopez
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"How do I balance or prioritize being super in the weeds on the short-term tactical work to hit our sales goals this quarter, versus spending time working on figuring out strategy and product needs to scale in the next quarter? It's like being a doctor with two patients: one with a more immediate concern that always needs more attention, but you know if you don't start attending to the the other patient they'll be even more ill soon."

"As a new C-suite leader, so many things impact the North Star metric I am focused on. I need help transitioning to more of a leadership role to empower others, without losing sight and the ability to execute. It feels like the clothes line is growing larger, and there’s no one to share the workload when others are depending on me."

"I feel like I've reached stack overflow. I can't add new stuff and can't make progress on existing stuff. I’m drowning in details and execution."


Balancing and juggling a never ending list of priorities that all feel important? A recurring challenge that members bring to Grand Council. Let’s tackle it together with group coaching. Join us at this month's Clarity Council and bring the trickiest prioritization challenge on your plate right now.


What is Clarity Council? Clarity Council is a group conversation based around deep inquiry — this is a signature part of our coaching methodology. All participants share a challenge that they are currently facing with the group. One individual's challenge is then selected for focused group coaching. This is an opportunity to practice vulnerability, empathetic listening, and asking open and honest questions in support of one individual’s stated challenge.


Journaling & Metaphors

We'll start by journaling answers to these questions.

  • What's the most difficult personal or professional challenge you have on your plate right now? Which challenge, if you could magically solve it, would help you feel better, more in control, on a stronger path?
  • If you could add a metaphor that describes your challenge, what would it be? (i.e. “it’s like we’re on a battlefield”, or “it’s like we’re speaking different languages”)

Round Robin Sharing of Challenges

Each person will share for their challenge and metaphor.

Selecting Focus Person

The group will collectively select and/or vote on a challenge to go deeper on.

Group Coaching

1. Focus person expands on the challenge

2. Group processes the challenge together via practicing coaching skills

3. Group checks out with each person sharing one final idea, question, or takeaway for the focus person

4. Focus Person shares their takeaway and what's next for them

Coach bio

After several professional and personal transitions, I heard a resounding call: to help individuals become who they are meant to be.

If offered the chance to serve as your coach, I bring the fullness of my experience. Professionally, the lessons learned as an attorney, consumer goods entrepreneur, advisor, and organizational consultant. And personally, the perspective gained from loss, incapacitation, survival, and self-discovery.

What I have discovered at The Grand is a community of genuinely kind and non-judgmental individuals, vulnerable and generous in sharing their experiences, and curious about how to help each other become who they are meant to be.

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