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Clarity Council with Teni Ayo-Ariyo


Navigating Uncertainty

Tuesday, December 6, 2022




Join us for a free, group coaching event!

We know that many people are experiencing job loss and having to make unexpected transitions in work and life — navigating uncertainty is never easy to do alone.

We invite you to bring a personal or professional challenge to one of The Grand’s signature coaching experiences — Clarity Council.

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Clarity Council is a 60-min live conversation based on inquiry. The session will be facilitated by a coach who will guide a group in asking open and honest questions, and deep exploration. You'll learn how to gain new perspectives and find clarity.

This event is free and open to the community. Each Clarity Council is intentionally designed for discussion, and thus capped at 10 attendees. Please commit to attending when you sign up.


Welcome and Introduction

We'll welcome everyone to The Grand's Clarity Council and give a high-level overview of what to expect.

Empathetic Listening and Open and Honest Questions

We'll learn and review the two fundamental skills in coaching — empathetic listening and open and honest questions.

Journaling and Metaphors

We'll spend a few minutes journaling about our most pressing personal or professional challenge and coming up with a creative metaphor.

Selecting the Focus Person and Clarity Council

We'll choose one focus person to share more about their challenge. We'll practice empathetic listening and asking open and honest questions. We will have a group checkout and the focus person will then share their takeaways.

Closing Word

We'll wrap up our time together with one final closing word that captures how you're feeling in this moment.

Your host

I am passionate about helping purpose driven individuals and organizations reach their optimal potential. As a coach, I’ve enjoyed spending time creating communities for Women of Color Visionaries to connect, create and collaborate. I have created workshops, tools and affirmations to help founders grow their ideas, businesses, and creative projects. I currently work in HR Strategy at Microsoft after receiving my MBA from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business and Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Women/Gender Studies from Dartmouth College. In my spare time, I love to dabble in all things wellness and creative arts (I’m certified to teach yoga and published my first book of poetry in 2021!). Outside of school, I have lived most of my life in Los Angeles, and I’m now learning to appreciate less sunshine in the Pacific Northwest.