Clarity Council

Tuesday, January 18, 2022
3:00 – 4:00pm ET

Join us for a free group coaching event!

As we start the year, we know there are many questions on everyone’s mind — new changes in life, milestones at work, exciting transitions, or opportunities on the horizon.

We invite you to join us for one of The Grand's signature coaching experiences — Clarity Council.

Clarity Council is a 60-min live conversation based on inquiry. The session will be facilitated by a coach who will guide a group in asking open and honest questions, and deep exploration. You'll learn how to gain new perspectives and find clarity.

This event is free and open to the community. Each Clarity Council is intentionally designed for discussion, and thus capped at 10 attendees. Please commit to attending when you sign up.

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(All times in ET)

3:00 - 3:05pm

Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to The Grand's Clarity Council! We'll spend a few minutes checking in, and introducing the coach and the group to each other.

3:05 - 3:15pm

Empathetic Listening and Open and Honest Questions

We'll learn and review the two fundamental skills in coaching — empathetic listening and open and honest questions.

3:15 - 3:20pm

Journaling and Metaphors

We'll spend a few minutes journaling about our most pressing personal or professional challenge and coming up with a creative metaphor.

3:20 - 3:55pm

Selecting the Focus Person and Clarity Council

We'll choose one focus person to share more about their challenge. We'll practice empathetic listening and asking open and honest questions. The focus person will then share their takeaways.

3:55 - 4:00pm

Closing words

We'll wrap up our time together with one final closing word.

Your host

Michael brings 15 years of coaching experience working with visionary leaders on their toughest challenges, and his approach brings together the core principles of co-active coaching, change management, equity and inclusion, human-centered design, and learning organizations to create experiences that lead to transformative results. As a coach, Michael feels that his job is to evoke personal and professional transformation in service of a client’s goals. He focuses on asking powerful questions, listening, and eliciting the creativity a client already possesses while drawing on his own experience to expose the client to new ideas and practices. This enables him to be able to take a closer look at the client as a whole person and start the development journey from within, by asking how a person is being, what drives them, and the connection between those two points.