Miinkay Yu

Born and raised in Texas, I value hospitality and kindness. Everyone is my friend and so are you. In 2011, I moved  to Los Angeles and have made a home here in the city. I am also a video-gamer, lover of food and an amateur botanist.

I’ve tried a few different career paths, from being an engineer at Dow Chemical to project management with Accenture. Eventually I went to UCLA Health, where I led initiatives for new software design. But I was still missing something, so I quit to study bodywork and how the body heals. Now I have a private practice to help people address chronic pain. I became a coach to guide people through their career. After going through my transition alone, my wish is to support anyone that needs help.

My coaching philosophy is based on your inherent wisdom, and bringing that wisdom to the surface. If growth is on your radar, then I’ll see you in the next Council.

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